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Ask yourself, what do you need for your business? … more profit, more customers, modern up-to-date marketing, more satisfied customers, more business, bigger market share, less cost of running business … I’m sure there’s no one who will disagree with these objectives. As a business owner, this is what we all want for our business. All these goals can be reached through a website.

A website is an automated way for you to exchange information and conduct business over the Internet.

Think of your website as a 24-hour professional salesperson who will,

 … promote your company’s products and services,

… provide the features and benefits of your products and services,

… always be there to answer questions and concerns from current and prospective customers.

Many people think that because they have a small or medium-size business they don’t need or can’t afford a website. That cannot be further from the truth when it comes to owning and operating a small business. Since smaller businesses have fewer employees and a smaller budget, working efficiently is key to profitability.

Here are a few benefits of owning a website.

1. Unlimited space

One benefit of having a website is that you have enough space to market all your services, announce events, display product photos, show maps and directions, list staff education credentials, and post client testimonials, social channels, and industry awards. 

2. Open 24/7/365

Even when your business is closed or if no one is available to answer your phone, you can encourage callers who’ve missed you to visit your website for more information while they wait for your return call. 

3. Adds credibility and shows stability

A website can add credibility to your small business, no matter how young or small your business is. A website can also convey a sense of stability, especially important if your small business operates without a storefront; potential customers will feel reassured that they could contact you if they lost your information. 

4. Word-of-mouth marketing

Another great reason for a website (that is often overlooked!) is that it’s easy for someone to share your website address with a friend in an email, a phone conversation, or a meeting where none of your brochures or business cards are available. 

5. Builds trust and value-therefore profit

Your website can become a valuable resource to potential and current customers. Post information on how to care for products you sell, referrals to related services, interesting facts, how-to’s, tips, trends, mistakes to avoid, and much more.

6. Reach a global audience

On the Internet, you aren’t that local little business anymore. You have the potential to be seen by millions across the globe. Did you ever think your company would have the possibility of doing business around the world? Well, now you can. 

7. Stay ahead or keep up with your competition

People use the Internet to research everything from furniture to automobiles to medical services. If your competitor has a website listed in their print ad and you don’t, those online savvy people may check out your competitor’s offerings first. 

“Remember, your target customer is already online. If your competitor is just a click away, who do you think will get the first opportunity to serve that customer?”

8. Link your website to other advertising campaigns

Add your web address to business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, brochures, billboards, banners, TV, radio and social media. 

9. Compete with bigger companies in your local area or across the world

That’s right, compete with the bigger companies.  If you have an effective website and the right keywords, you could appear at the top of a search. The Internet is not about how big your store is or how long you’ve been in business, it’s about showing up in a search result. 

10. Easy to update and make changes

If you need to add a photo or change a price, it’s as simple as clicking a button or picking up the phone. 

11. Great recruiting tool

A website is the most cost-effective way to find the right candidates for your business. Turn a webpage into an application. List your website with different online job boards. As those job boards find you candidates that fit your criteria, they will be sent directly to your website to apply. 

12. Interact with other Internet-savvy businesses

Trade links, get into affiliate marketing, or create an ‘Advertise With Us‘ page. Another great way to interact with other business owners is by joining online forums and social communities. You can join as an expert in your field. The possibilities are endless. 

13. Potential Internet shopper – Always be found

It’s a fact that if you don’t have a website, an online shopper can’t spend money with you. If you do not own a website, you are missing out on your share of BILLIONS of dollars of online spending every year. 

14. Know where they came from

Website statistics show you how much traffic your website receives, how the visitor got to your website, and where, geographically, the visitor is from. 

As you can see, owning a website is good for both you and your business, but remember, a website does require you to put in some effort. It takes an investment of time and money to get a website designed, coded, hosted and occasionally maintained. You can’t just forget about it once it’s up and running. You need to update your content regularly and monitor your site in order to increase your ranking on search engines.

The most important stage of creating a successful website is the planning stage. Carefully planning, in the beginning, will avoid errors, save costs, and will make a better end product.

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